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  Last updated August 2023

  freeCodeCamp Certification Project

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  •   Developed by Daniel Fletcher

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  • HTML
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A smaller-scale portfolio for my first five freeCodeCamp project submissions.

In a way, this was my portfolio before my portfolio. This certification project from freeCodeCamp called for developing a portfolio page, and I decided to focus the content of that portfolio on the freeCodeCamp work I had completed up to that point. It seemed like a fitting send-off for the first certification course in the curriculum.

While this project was not necessarily a precursor to my current portfolio, there are some noteworthy similarities, like the style and presentation of the contact info sections. It's also interesting to me how the Related Projects section of this page (see below) is essentially a simplified version of that entire project. Funny how things turn out sometimes.

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Related Projects

This is certification project 5 of 5 in the Responsive Web Design track at freeCodeCamp. Each of my project submissions in this track is linked below.

Survey Form

Jun 2023

Share your thoughts on Link's latest adventure in this fanmade survey for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.


Tribute Page

Jun 2023

A tribute to alternative rock band Radiohead, including a brief description and discography breakdown.


Technical Documentation Page

Jul 2023

A reference for six select sorting algorithms presented through the lens of the C++ language.


Product Landing Page

Aug 2023

The (un)official landing page for products from the fictional world of Attack on Titan.


Personal Portfolio

Aug 2023

A smaller-scale portfolio for my first five freeCodeCamp project submissions.