RGB Defender

  Last updated August 2023

  Course Project: CS50x at Harvard University

Title screen for the RGB Defender game

Developer Credits

  •   Developed by Daniel Fletcher

Project Link

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Skills & Technologies

  • Scratch
  • Game development

Project Details

In this online microgame, protect your rocket on its maiden voyage into space as you become swarmed by cosmic splotches.

My first ever submission for Harvard University's amazing CS50 program... somehow, I'm already nostalgic for it.

For my Problem Set 0 submission in the CS50x course, I wanted to challenge myself to create something beyond the basics of the requirements. With extensive prior programming experience under my belt, I figured that some additional complexity could result in a more creatively-satisfying project. After lots of experimenting and tinkering in Scratch, I finally landed on the idea of RGB Defender: A microgame where the player must defend from three types of colorful paint blobs—red, green, and blue—that each behave differently.

This project also represents my first hands-on experience in solo game development! Even though the Scratch visual programming language is intended for more base-level projects, I enjoyed trying to push the language to its limits while working to achieve the desired player experience.

Give it a try, and see if you can crack a perfect 100% score!