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  Last updated July 2023

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  •   Developed by Daniel Fletcher

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A reference for six select sorting algorithms presented through the lens of the C++ language.

C++ is easily among my most-practiced programming languages. Since C++ as a language was far too broad for the scope of this project, I wanted to use C++ as a means of presenting some other concept. I eventually landed on the topic of sorting algorithms!

Sorting algorithms have always been a personal fascination of mine, especially when it comes to comparing them against one another. In this brief set of documentation, you'll find explanations of six different sorting methods with corresponding C++ code examples, complete with a comparison table that breaks down algorithm characteristics like time and space complexity.

It is worth noting that I did not write the majority of the documentation content—rather, I focused on piecing together outside content to make a cohesive final product, which was the goal of the project. See below for source documentation references, or see the bottom of the documentation page itself for a more comprehensive listing.

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