Syntactic Sugar Landing Page

  Last updated January 2024

  The Odin Project: Foundations

Preview image for the Syntactic Sugar landing page, featuring a prominent banner and an image of cake

Developer Credits

  •   Developed by Daniel Fletcher

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Skills & Technologies

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Flexbox
  • Git

Project Details

A mock landing page for the made-up company Syntactic Sugar, a purveyor of CS-themed sweet treats.

For this project, I really wanted to learn the ins and outs of the CSS Flexbox model. Even though I have learned it multiple times now, sometimes the finer details can get a bit tricky. This time around, though, I had a trick of my own up my sleeve. In addition to studying the very insightful content in The Odin Project's curriculum, I also played through the fantastic online game Flexbox Zombies in an effort to reinforce the learning through play.

And dare I say, I think that strategy paid off in spades! I love the way the project turned out, both aesthetically and in concept. I now feel much more in control of Flexbox layouts than I did previously. Being able to pinpoint why certain things are behaving in ways I did not intend is gradually becoming more natural. On top of all that, I also got the opportunity to make a bunch of computer science puns, so that's always a plus.

Please Note — In an effort to maintain consistency with the trajectory of The Odin Project's curriculum, this project was not optimized for mobile viewing. View on desktop for the intended user experience!

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