Sweet Treats and Sneak Peeks: Portfolio Update v1.0.2

  Daniel Fletcher

  22 January 2024

After a little bit of a hiatus, I am back in full swing with The Odin Project! All it took was a fun project idea (and some game-based studying) to get there.

My second submission for The Odin Project is a landing page for the made-up company Syntactic Sugar, a brand that specializes in selling sweet treats with punny names. I’m really proud of how this one turned out, especially since I’m starting to feel much more comfortable with Flexbox as a result.

Preview image for the Syntactic Sugar landing page, featuring a prominent banner and an image of cake
A preview of the Syntactic Sugar landing page.

Now, you may be wondering about this “game-based studying” I mentioned. Well, in one of the “Additional Materials” sections in an Odin Project lesson, the online game Flexbox Zombies was suggested for practicing with the many nuances of the CSS Flexbox model. And WOW, this game totally blew me away! It’s a very well-made game with great artwork, but it also has given me a MUCH stronger mental foundation for thinking about Flexbox layouts. Now I just picture shooting zombies that grow and shrink with a high-tech crossbow 😎

If you are learning CSS (or know CSS but still struggle conceptualizing Flexbox), I cannot recommend this game enough. Hats off to Dave Geddes and Mastery Games for making this seriously awesome project!

A screenshot from the online video game Flexbox Zombies
Preparing for a tricky shot in Flexbox Zombies.

Before signing off this time with the standard site changelog, I wanted to share a bit of a sneak peek at one of the next projects I’m currently working on. For my final project in CS50x, I decided to make a small-scale video game with the hopes of learning the basics of Godot 4 in the process. Pictured below is a little bit of a preview of what I’ve been cooking up…

A screenshot from a custom-made variant of the classic video game Tetris
Anyone recognize this game?

That’s all I have to share on that for now. On to the updates!

Portfolio Update v1.0.2

New projects
New resources
  • Added “Gamified Learning” section
Odds and ends
  • Featured Projects v1.0.2:
    • Syntactic Sugar Landing Page
    • color50
  • Tweaked phrasing on a few pages
  • Removed any remaining outdated “2023” labels
  • Applied appropriate display icons to all CS50 projects

I am feeling more motivated than ever to be working on certain passion projects, especially when it concerns game development and/or web development. I’m super excited to continue learning Godot and to soon start learning how to program in Ruby.

Thanks as always for reading. Have a lovely week!

— Daniel