Introducing Daniel Fletcher's Online Portfolio

  Daniel Fletcher

  18 December 2023

Hello, World! And welcome to my hand-crafted portfolio website!

After attaining my computer science degree last December, I started working on all sorts of projects in the pursuit of learning new skills. That said, I did not take the time to organize all of these disparate works in an easily-accessible, centralized location. Fast forward to December 2023, and voila! We’re finally here.

This truly has been a monumental undertaking for me—easily the largest solo development project I have worked on to date. I treated the development process like that of a professional software engineering project, using tools like Git to keep organized and stay on track.

The biggest hurdle I faced in development was easily the sheer amount of time needed to get everything looking and functioning the way I wanted. I severely underestimated how long certain features would take to implement, like creating unique pages for each and every individual project on the portfolio. Hindsight is 20/20, I guess…

Now that I have reached this point, though, I am very happy with how things turned out. All the roadblocks along the way served as valuable learning experiences, and they were just small parts of the colossal learning experience that was making this portfolio from the ground up. Feel free to take a tour of the site and let me know what you think of it!

If you’re interested, listed below are the features and content coming with v1.0.0 of Daniel Fletcher’s Portfolio site. Huzzah!

Core site pages
  • Home – Learn about me, both personally and professionally. You can also find my primary contact information here, as well as a brief walkthrough of the site’s main pages—it’s the same as what you’re reading right now!

  • Activity – A blog of sorts that also serves as a changelog for my portfolio. I aim to create new posts whenever I update the site, whether that be adding new projects, implementing new features, or working in key bug fixes.

  • Projects – Take a look at the multitude of projects I have worked on, ranging from Harvard University academic submissions to personal passion projects. This page contains a rotating selection of three featured projects and a comprehensive index of all my past project work.

  • Certifications – Check out all the certifications I have earned so far in my computer science journey, complete with links to the corresponding certification credentials.

  • Links – All of my relevant online profiles are listed here, including those found on learning sites, networking platforms, and the like.

  • Resources – Look into some of the incredible resources that have helped me get to where I am now. Seriously, I would not be where I am today without these resources and the amazing people behind them. All relevant links included.

Starter pack of published projects
  • Survey Form – Share your thoughts on Link’s latest adventure in this fanmade survey for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

  • Tribute Page – A tribute to alternative rock band Radiohead, including a brief description and discography breakdown.

  • Technical Documentation Page – A reference for six select sorting algorithms presented through the lens of the C++ language.

  • Product Landing Page – The (un)official landing page for products from the fictional world of Attack on Titan.

  • RGB Defender – In this online microgame, protect your rocket on its maiden voyage into space as you become swarmed by cosmic splotches.

  • Personal Portfolio – A smaller-scale portfolio for my first five freeCodeCamp project submissions.

  • Palindrome Checker – JavaScript implementation of a simple palindrome validator function.

  • Roman Numeral Converter – JavaScript implementation of a function that converts a base-10 integer to its Roman numeral counterpart.

  • Caesars Cipher – JavaScript implementation of the Caesar cipher substitution algorithm. Uses the common ROT13 variant.

  • Telephone Number Validator – JavaScript implementation of an algorithm that validates US telephone numbers.

  • Cash Register – JavaScript implementation of an algorithm that simulates making change at a cash register, making exact change when possible.

  • Recipes from Hyrule – A curated selection of recipes from the video game The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

  • Random Quote Machine – Generate and share quotes from some of popular culture’s most iconic characters.

Odds and ends
  • Featured Projects v1.0.0:
    • RGB Defender
    • Recipes from Hyrule
    • Random Quote Machine
  • Core color scheme
    •  Dark (#0D0C1D) 
    •  Light (#EFF7FF) 
    •  Primary (#8C001A) 
    •  Secondary (#007991) 
    •  Tertiary (#2660A4) 
  • Main technologies used to power site functionality linked in footer
  • Links opening a new tab denoted by  
  • CSS animation on hero in Home page: Spinning gears

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post. I already have some exciting ideas cooking for future projects, and I’m looking forward to sharing them here. Stay tuned!

— Daniel